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CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) Training


The Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) Course with a Instrument Rating (IR) provides the training required to meet the level of proficiency necessary to operate single-pilot multi-engine aeroplanes and to obtain the CPL/IR.

Course Description

Initial training raises the proficiency of the student in general handling and flight in the airfield circuit to a commercial standard. This training is conducted in a Single Engine Piston aeroplane. This section of the course is not required for holders of a valid Instrument Rating. Following this the training focuses on cross-country flight, which includes VFR and IFR en-route procedures, diversion procedures, and abnormal and emergency operations. The final section consists of preparation and rehearsal for the CPL skill test in a Single Engine Piston Aeroplane.

The training comprises:

  • 10 hours minimum of dual instruction in Single Engine Piston Aircraft.

  • 5 hours minimum of dual instruction in Multi Engine Piston Aircraft

On completion of the training and the skill test the graduate may apply for a CPL licence and have a minimum of 15 hours of extra credited flight experience..

 The Duration

Training is full-time or part-time, the full-time course lasting between 3 and 6 weeks dependent on weather conditions.

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age for issue of a CPL Licence is 18.

  • Hold a PPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1.

  • Completed 5 hours night flight time

  • Completed 150 hours total flight time.

  • Completed 20 hours cross-country time as pilot-in-command . The cross-country flight time must include a qualifying 540km (300NM) cross-country flight.

  • 50 hours pilot-in-command cross-country flight time.

  • Hold a valid 1st class medical certificate.

  • Completed ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training and pass all 14 exams set out in the SHT-FCL (Turkish DGCA)