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ME (Multi Engine Rating) Training


The Multi Engine Course provides the training required for a candidate with no multi engine aeroplane experience.

Course Description

Initial training introduces the student to flight in a Multi-Engine Aeroplane and proceeds with general handling until a good proficiency is obtained. This is followed by asymmetric flight during which the student will experience the effects of a single engine failure and learn to safely control the aeroplane under this condition. The student then prepares and rehearses for the Multi Engine skill test. 

The Training Comprises

If applicant have current PPL Licence

  • 18 hours Theoretical Training

  • 6 hours Multi Engine Flight in VFR conditions

After completing IR course

  • 7 hours Multi Engine Flight in IFR conditions.

If applicant have current CPL/IR licence:

  • 18 hours Theoretical Training

  • 13 hours Multi Engine Flight The Duration The full-time course lasting between 1 and 2 weeks dependent on weather conditions.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Minimum PPL(A) or CPL(A) Licence

  • PPL(A) holders must have 70 hours PIC

  • PPL(A) holders must have Night Rating

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate