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The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) Course provides the training required for a candidate with no flying experience to obtain the PPL qualification. The holder of this licence may act as pilot on any non-revenue, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight in a single piston engine aeroplane.

Holders of PPL’s are only permitted to fly aircraft for their own pleasure or for their own business use, i.e. to travel around quickly, a PPL holder can not at any time charge a third party for his services as a pilot, to do this a PPL holder must train and test for the issue of a CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence)

Course Description

Initial training introduces the student to flight in a single engine aeroplane and proceeds with general handling until a good proficiency is obtained. The next section covers practice in the airfield circuit where the student becomes skilled in take off and landings. This part culminates in the first solo flight. The next phase focuses on cross-country flight, which includes planning, visual and instrument navigation, Air Traffic Control communication, practice diversions and emergency procedures, and operations at commercial airports. This part culminates in a solo cross-country flight of 270 km between 3 different airfields. During the course the student prepares for and sits the PPL ground and examinations.

Subjects covered are:

  • Air Law

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Flight Performance and Planning

  • Human Performance & Limitations

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Operational Procedures

  • Principles of flight

  • Communications.

The final section consists of preparation and rehearsal for the PPL skill test.

All training takes place in Single Engine Aeroplanes

35 hours minimum of dual instruction

10 hours minimum of supervised solo flight.

The skill test is included in the solo flight time above.

On completion of the training and the skill test the graduate may apply for a PPL licence and will have a minimum of 45 hours of credited flight experience.

The Duration

Training is full-time or part-time, the full-time course lasting between 9 and 11 weeks dependent on weather conditions. (Duration will longer if taken part time)

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age for PPL applicant is 18.

  • Minimum Class 2 Medical Certificate