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IR (Instrument Rating) Training

The Instrument Rating Course provides the training required for a candidate with no IR experience, to obtain the Instrument Rating in a single engine aeroplane. The holder may act as pilot in an aeroplane under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in controlled airspace.

Entry Requirements

  • Hold a current PPL or CPL licence with Night Qualification.

  • Minimum 75 hours pilot-in-command.

  • Hold a valid Class I Medical Certificate.

  • Demonstrated use of English language as set out in the SHT-FCL

Course Description

The Instrument Rating training is commenced in the FNPTII flight simulator. Initially the student will learn to control the simulator smoothly and accurately by sole reference to the instruments and to accurately track and hold using VOR and NDB radio navigation aids. A high standard of performance is required before moving on to the next exercises. The student then learns to fly precision and non-precision instrument approaches, and go-around procedures. Finally, the student learns how to carry out a standard instrument departure, join the airways system, fly the airways, and make a standard instrument arrival. 

The training comprises:

  • 35 hours minimum of dual instruction in the FNPTII flight simulator.

  • 15 hours minimum of dual instruction in the actual aircraft.  

The Duration

Training is full-time or part-time, the full-time course lasting between 9 and 11 weeks dependent on weather conditions.